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Our Team

Dimitar Dimitrov

Head of the Plethora of Words and Actions, Lord of the vine scissors, sprayers and mowers, and when he rests – he is the Headmaster of cooking pans, pots and utensils.

Ivana Tsakova

Head of International, Inter-Rural and Inter-Neighbourhood Wine Relations. She has a well-trained palate, continuously growing in sublime sophistication with each wine festival and competition.

Tsvetomira Borisova

Head of the creativity. She is the ethereal fairy who created our cheerful labels with her talented hands.

Eng. Nadia Mineva

Our exceptionally capable and profusely patient technologist. And a wonderful friend.

Prof. Ivan Tsvetkov

The professor, a guitarist and singer with a big heart, a man with deep insight into the soul and genetic codes of Bulgarian and foreign grape varieties. The personification of knowledge - he loves science and science loves him. Our jolly vineyard rests upon his scientific acumen, he advises and consults and is our best friend.

Ivan the Mechanic

The Lord of Machinery and Equipment between the villages of Veslets and Borovan. He can fix anything from crop harvesters to baby strollers with his bare hands.

Vladi's sheep

Organic mowers and fertilizers of the highest possible classification. Of all things, they love Grenache leaves the most. Hide them when they come.


Upper Class Feline, devoted to the recreation of our jolly team. Out of love for the team, she behaves at times like a dog. It is quite embarrassing.