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About Us

   We are “The Jolly Vintners” the jolly team with the dream of making good wine. We believe the prior generations have passed on the jolly craft of winemaking to us so we can have fun making wine. And that is what we do.

Our vineyard started from a grass-covered meadow. And not just any meadow, but the Rechka field near Vratsa, where Botev and his legendary band of freedom fighters enjoyed their last feast the before passing on to eternal glory. The wine they drank came from the vineyard located on the very same spot where we grow our grapes, and the welcoming host of Botev’s Rebels was the ancestor of one of the Jolly Vintners – Ivana. And if you think that we babbling myths and legends, come to Memorial Mark 42 on Botev’s Revolutionary Road look around for our vineyard and come say hello.

We grow our grapes sustainably and with great respect for the environment – without irrigation, among grasses, herbs, sheep and bees.

Dimitar Dimitrov

Head of the Plethora of Words and Actions

Ivana Tsakova

Head of International, Inter-Rural and Inter-Neighbourhood Wine Relations.

Tsvetomira Borisova

Head of the creativity.

Eng. Nadia Mineva

Our exceptionally capable and profusely patient technologist.

The Jolly Vintners